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Smoked Pesto Chicken Cali Clubs

Updated: Apr 9

Authored by Brad Phelps & Emily Rambo, food bloggers and friends of BBQ Distro. Brad's also one of our first BBQ Distro Box Members! Follow their awesomeness @foodiephelps



  1. Butterfly chicken breasts, spread pesto in the middle, close chicken and tie with butcher's twine

  2. Rub chicken breasts with mayo, season liberally with bbq seasoning, put in the smoker (250 until it reached 165F)

  3. When chicken breasts are almost done (160F), mix ¼ c bbq sauce and 1/4c big wicks together, baste on chicken

  4. While chicken is cooking, toast ciabatta rolls, spread with mashed avocado, add sliced red onion and bacon.

  5. When chicken breast is done, let it rest then slice and layer on ciabatta rolls. Enjoy!

Here's the recipe card, as seen on the @FoodiePhelps Instagram Profile!


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