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BBQ Speakeasy

What if we can bring the best of TX Barbecue (aka best BBQ in the world!) into one place? This is the question we started with in February 2023, and our Speakeasy in downtown Grand Prairie is the answer.


Joe Zavala drove all over TX collecting the best products from the TX Monthly Top 50 brands and brought them into the Speakeasy store, located in the back of Mas Coffee in downtown GP. Come out and take a look. We host monthly Speakeasy events as well, where you can come in and meet the BBQ Distro team, friends, and family -- oh yeah, and amazing food to boot -- Pull Up! Would love to see ya.

Zavala's BBQ Distro

The Speakeasy makes it easy for Backyard BBQ warriors and the best Rubs and Sauces (and more!) to meet in one place, but what if we can bring all these amazing flavors directly to your front door (and backyard!) too?

We now offer all in-store products via our online Shop. We also carry cooking gear, shirts, hats, and much more. But of course, do come and see us when you can!

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