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Achieve consistent sauces, gravies, and other dishes with this 8-inch strainer from TableCraft. This medium single-layered strainer is made of tin for excellent filtration and its perfect round shape will catch anything being strained while at the same time allows other small herbs and seasonings to freely flow back into a broth or sauce. It also features two convenient FDA-approved balance hooks to hang the strainer onto a pot or pan. This stabilizes the strainer while pouring hot broth, stock, or pasta. This strainer's practical wooden handle allows you to keep your hands at a safe distance from food and hot items. Use this rigid strainer to remove chunky ingredients from broths and soups, rinse beans before cooking, and even to sift sugar and flour for desserts.

Strainer: Medium Tinned Wood, 8"

  • Courtesy of our friends at Ace Mart, this restaurant grade item will help you level up your backyard game!

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