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5C SmokeHouse Sweet Heat Sauce

5C SmokeHouse Sweet Heat Sauce


A fan favorite from our loyal cusotmer at BBQ Distro! Add both sweet and heat to you BBQ and enjoy the results! 


About 5C, from 5C:

"Order bold, flavorful dry rubs from 5-C Smokehouse

Are you craving the most delectable piece of barbecue? Do you want to revolutionize what comes off your backyard grill? Take your meats from mundane to mouthwatering with the perfect seasoning from 5-C Smokehouse.


Everything you need to grill your heart out

5-C Smokehouse is your choice for award-winning artisan seasonings. Made right in the heart of Texas, 5-C Smokehouse's dry rubs will revolutionize the flavor of your barbecue. We make our rubs with the highest quality ingredients and the utmost care."


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