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Turkey Taco!

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Authored by Joe Zavala, Owner of BBQ Distro and Owner/Pitmatser of Zavala's Barbecue.

Turkey Taco

My son Jose loves turkey tacos so much! That is the only thing he wants from our bbq joint. I learned how to make turkey from Jordan Jackson. The secret is Mayo! Rub some mayo then put your preferred rub on the turkey (we like Zavala’s Bird Rub!). We like to smoke it at 275-300 degrees and take it to 150-155 degrees. When it rests, it will come up to 165ish but I can promise you it’s cooked and will be nice and juicy!

When It's Done

Jordan is my big brother and mentor in the BBQ world. I remember meeting him for the first time – he was so nice and had zero ego (at the time, Jordan Jackson led the #4 BBQ joint in the TX Top 50 BBQ list!). I was so starstruck nervous to talk to him. But after we met, he made me feel so comfortable that I got the courage to ask him if I could shadow him for a couple of days. He said for sure and gave me his number! I learned so much “working” there. HAHA, I didn’t work – I was just soaking it all in. The best thing he taught me was that “BBQ is done when BBQ is done”. I used to keep so many notes. So, if I can tell you anything, it’s “BBQ is done when it’s done!!” Can’t rush it.

Passing the Turkey Taco Torch

When Jose was born, my dad and I took him to see Jordan. I got this great picture of them together last year at Texas Monthly BBQ fest. I couldn’t miss the opportunity for Jose to get a picture with uncle Jordan. It had been over 4 years since they had first met each other. Jose was happy to see Jordan! It’s funny right? Jose's favorite thing is Turkey Taco and Jordan taught me how to cook turkeys. Well, we just got a new puppy last month and guess what Jose named it? Turkey Taco!!!! Funny how much turkey tacos mean to me! I love you Jordan! Thank you for everything!


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1 Comment

Great story, I happened to be at Jordan's Gladewater spot when you guys came to visit that day! He introduced me to you, your dad and baby Jose!

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