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The Purest Meal

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Authored by Joe Zavala, Owner of BBQ Distro and Owner/Pitmatser of Zavala's Barbecue.


This past weekend, I went on a trip to the valley with friends to do a a taco tour (with one bbq stop! More on this later). It was exciting to see people still making food with so much love, and not worried about the outside noise. They were serving what they want and their food was amazing. I got to eat some of the best tacos I have ever had in my life, and one chef’s love for feeding her community with so much pride stuck out to me, above all.


Every detail to her taco was magical. There was a reason for everything on every taco she made for us. We had multiple tacos that had different cuts of tomatoes, and there were 6 unique sauces to choose from. The fajitas were made on the most simple grill I have ever seen. The grill used lump charcoal, giving the meat the most perfect flavor that can’t be replicated without the love they put into it. Oh yeah, back to this amazing chef, I forgot to say she makes every tortilla to ORDER!!! Did you hear me?! Every tortilla was made to order. I’m not going to lie, I’m a flour guy, but she changed my mind – these corn tortillas were magical! I also had my 1st Aqua Fresca. It was the most refreshing drink I have had in a long time, so I ended up ordering every one she had! I cannot believe it has taken me that long to have one. Not going to lie, I’m going to bring these to the barbecue joint! All of this was in a shopping center in Mission texas. You would never know that it was a James Beard Nominated chef.

Go See Ana Liz!

If you are in the valley, you have to run to Ana Liz Taqueria and order the whole menu. I promise you it will change your life. You will never eat anything more pure than this meal! Ana Liz, thank you so much for giving me the best meal I have eaten this year!!

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